Be-Bop Joe's specializes in soda machine restoration of  vintage soda machines. This includes different brands of vintage soda machines such as Coke,  and many others. Contact Be-Bop Joe's if you wish to purchase a vintage soda machine restoration, have a  coke machine for sale, or have your old coke machine restored today! We also provide soda machine compressor repair services on your vintage sode machine.

I specialize in soda machine restoration but also perform restoration work on various other Vintage Vending Machines such as: Juke Boxes, Slot machines and much more.  Soda Machines are our main focus. During my many years of business, I have restored and sold machines both in our country and also overseas.  I have several machines in stock or can do a restoration on a machine currently owned by you. If your interested in just having your vintage soda machine compressor repaired, we also perform those services. I believe in restoring the machine back to the way it was originally made, but using  powder coating, plating and other restoration techniques to make the final product better and more durable.  This website is designed so you can view numerous soda machines that have been restored, or  vintage coke machines that I am currently in the process of restoring for customers.  Please view  the restoration process, under the restoration section.  This will allow you to view photos and description of our soda machine restoration process.

 Be-Bop Joes has been performing coke machine restorations for over 20 years.  As mentioned, please view the vintage soda machine restorations that we have done.  You will see the detail and pride that goes into every soda machine restoration.  Besides conducting restorations for our customers, we also sell  vintage Coke machines such as the Cavalier 72, Cavalier 96, Vendo 39, Vendo 81 and many more. We also sell all types of fully restored coke machines and other brands.

In addition to vintage Coke machine restorations and our restored coke machines that are available for sale, when available, we sell trade-ins of vintage soda machine restorations at a reduced cost.  These coke machines mainly consist of the Cavalier 72, Cavalier 96, Vendo 39 and Vendo 81.

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We Buy and sell Vendo 81, Vendo 39, Cavalier 72,  and Cavalier 96 vintage coke machines. as well as, provide soda machine compressor repair services.  Call for details

Please view our vintage soda machines, restored coke machines and our vintage coke machine restorations page.